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What is the MCDC?

The Millvale Community Development Corporation works to stabilize and revitalize Millvale’s neighborhoods. We know it takes a team effort to get things done, so we not only collaborate as a set of diverse committees tackling a wide variety of issues, but we also team up with other programs like the Millvale Main and Elm Street Programs (MMES) to develop housing, businesses, and individuals.

What are we trying to do?

  • Meet the needs. We help to implement the programs that our citizens want for all their social, economic, educational and developmental necessities.
  • Preserve the community. History. Culture. Architecture. We have them; let’s keep them!
  • Revitalize the economy. Well, maybe just Millvale. By mobilizing public and private agencies in the community as well as supporting business projects and neighborhood efforts and connecting non-profit efforts, we hope to make good use of all of our resources to give Millvale the “oomph!” it needs.
  • Supporting and invigorating the LOCAL ECONOMY. Along with BAM the MCDC supports GROWING LOCAL through the GARDENS OF MILLVALE and BUYING LOCAL. #shopsmall

Here’s the “Who’s who?” when it comes to our committees:

  • Clean, Safe and Green: organizing CleanSweep, graffiti paint outs, and neighborhood watches, this committee lives up to its name in providing a clean, safe environment for residents to reach their commercial, retail and recreational destinations by both bike routes and walking trails. It also promotes efforts to stamp out our carbon footprint. 
  • Design: Some buildings need some sprucing up. Some buildings need some landscaping. Whichever it is, this committee works to incorporate a visual appeal that conveys what Millvale is becoming and all it has to offer.
  • Economic and Community Restructuring: Take the economic base of today, tackle the challenges of outlying development outside, and what do you get? The expansion of current Millvale businesses to the opportunities of tomorrow. Residents can also turn to this committee for help setting up a plan of action on the road to homeownership.
  • Gardens of Millvale: This is special. Residents, business owners and friends collide in this magnanimous effort to make our town a greener place--literally!
  • Promotion and Organization: A big part of what keeps us running. They promote our efforts and coordinate our programs as well as apply policies and procedures that keep the system running smoothly. 

What is the Main Street Program?

A national comprehensive approach to downtown revitalization, it promotes economic growth and improves quality of life in the community by bringing businesses and residents together through the following four committees:

  • Sustainable Organization
  • Design
  • Economic Restructuring and Neighbors
  • Promotion (Image and Identity)

You can learn more here.

What is the Elm Street Program?

With 40 years of experience, this program works hand in hand with the Main Street Program. You can see the Revitalization and Sustainability Plan and the Scope of the program.